We deliver a complete buyers service and our service for investors is free.  We also provide a full buyers agents service for owner-occupiers, and like all buyers agents, we charge a fee for service.

You can be totally confident that when engaging Seekology you will receive the highest level of independent, unbiased, professional and client focussed service in the industry.  We are solely focussed on you the buyer, and no-one else.  Seekology is the first cost-free buyers service for investors, saving investors thousands of dollars compared to the cost of a traditional buyers agent.

  • Do you have any association, arrangement or agreements with any developers or real estate agents?

We do not.  We are totally independent and unbiased.  We do not sell property.  We have access to every property that is on the market and many additional investment opportunities that are strictly off-market.  We put every property through a rigorous selection criteria to ensure that only the top 1% of properties are ever recommended to our clients.

  • How can you provide your service to investors for free?

Our sole focus is to find you the best possible investment property that totally suits your personal brief.  We have access to every property on the market, and most importantly, we have access to properties that are strictly off-market – properties that are not advertised for sale and many of which are not even listed with an agent, but they are for sale.  It is these off-market properties where we often find the jewels, and if the property meets our strict selection criteria and it meets your brief exactly, we then recommend the property to you.

We aim to build a relationship with our clients for life.  We know that when we have achieved a brilliant purchase result for our investor clients, they recommend us to their family and friends, many of whom will use our service for buying their own home to live in.  When working for an owner-occupier, we agree a fee for service in advance and we receive no other payment from any other source.  Our business is based on working solely for the buyer, and we earn our money from owner-occupiers.

  • Why is your service free for investors and not owner-occupiers?

Researching, sourcing and negotiating a property for an owner-occupier is very time consuming and exacting.  Emotional issues are an integral part of an owner-occupiers decision making, and the process simply takes longer.  Investors make a decision largely based on facts and figures and it is generally a quicker process.  All agents that work for Seekology are employees and not commission only agents, as is the case with some other buyers agencies.  This significantly reduces our cost of providing our service.

  • Your new, do you have the required experience?

As a business, we are new but our team has been drawn from the property and real estate industry and between us we have more than 50 years of property experience.  Every member of our team has a proven record of success for their clients.  Our newness is refreshing and allows us to be innovative, energetic and passionate about delivering results for our clients.